Lawn Maintenance & Property Care

Improving Your Landscape Through Managed Care

Richmond & Associates Landscaping is a property care and landscaping company that proudly offers a comprehensive range of residential and commercial landscaping services with unique enhancements that other companies just can’t touch. You can depend on year-round, full-service property care for your home or business when you work with us to ensure that your outdoor areas always have the stunning curb appeal you are after.Seasonal Color Pots

Specializing in commercial, multi-family, and large residential landscape and irrigation services, our team has spent the past 20 years becoming one of the most trusted landscaping companies in our area. Rely on us when you need any lawn care services throughout the communities of Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston, Texas, as well as the surrounding areas.

The Importance of Your Property’s Image

The look and feel of your property’s exterior plays a very important role in how you, as well as others, view your home or business. That means that an unwelcoming landscape can quickly put a sour note on your property that is hard to shake off. The uniformed and certified landscape professionals, designers, architects, arborists, licensed irrigators, and certified chemical applicators are all here to help you transform your property so that it looks amazing and stays that way.

Whether we are working for a Homeowners Association for a neighborhood project or a commercial park, including office buildings, retail buildings, and high-rise buildings, our team always delivers the finest in landscaping services to our customers. We even take on jobs for municipalities, governments, new construction, and larger residential developments.

Turf Maintenance

A dedicated maintenance crew and supervisor will mow, edge and trim all lawn areas to a uniform height weekly during the growing season. Provide a thorough trash pick-up in turf areas prior to mowing to avoid throwing trash. Fertilize all lawn and bed areas with an appropriate balanced fertilizer to promote growth, color and proper root development. The chemical department will provide applications of pre-emergent herbicide targeted to the particular weed problem. Post-emergent applications will also be applied to enhance a weed free appearance.

Unique Seasonal Color Installation & Maintenance

Our landscape consultants will meet with you and discuss your designs, varieties, and premium color selections that will be best suitable for your exposure and needs. Upon approval, our staff will prepare the color areas by removing old color, till, and prep the soil for conditioning. It is necessary to fertilize the color areas two times during the growing season. The area will be watered thoroughly upon installation. During the spring and summer color change, we apply mulch to beds where seasonal color is installed. In the fall, we will add soil amendments. In order to ensure proper performance and establishment of seasonal flowers, we strongly recommend that your property authorize a thorough irrigation system check of all potential color areas. If you do not have an irrigation system, please note that hand watering is recommended for your colors survival.Seasonal Color Lodge at Shadowlake

Shrub/Tree Pruning and Bed Weeding

Dedicated crews will cut back groundcover in late winter and early spring. Prune or trim ground cover monthly using horticultural pruning techniques taking into consideration the plants growth habits. Weed all bed areas and tree wells monthly to create a well-groomed appearance. Office and/or frontage color beds will be cultivated on a weekly basis. Trimming of trees to allow passage in walkways and drive areas. Remove suckers from Crape-Myrtles and other trees.

Winter Rye Installation & Maintenance

In our region, the summer grass, such as Bermuda goes dormant and turns brown in the winter months. Over seeding with rye grass is a popular option. When over seeding, “Richmond” uses a perennial rye grass. The annual type is less expensive but is very problematic. It grows more densely, has a less favorable color and causes weed problems.

Watering is the key for the survival of the winter rye grass. For the first week after seeding, you will experience an increase in your water usage. Once established, you incur additional routine maintenance throughout the winter months.

Fungal & Insect Control: Shrub, Turf, and Ornamental Trees

Insect and disease control treatments provide a healthier, more attractive landscape and protect the landscape investment by preventing or curtailing damage caused by the infestations of insects and diseases. Healthy plants will tolerate the presence of low levels of pest populations without suffering permanent damage. Proper diagnosis of the insect or disease is critical in determining the correct treatment for your shrub, turf and trees. Large trees will be proposed separately.

Fire Ants: Broadcast and Mound Treatment

The control of Fire Ants is an ongoing process of using a granular broadcast insecticide that the worker ants forage for and take back to the mound. The chemicals that can be used are a natural compound that kills the colony. This is performed in the spring when fire ants are most active. This is best achieved by a wide broadcast to allow the worker ants to forage and take back to the mound. Once the application has been made, the area needs to be watered so that the chemical can be released, thereby killing the queen and the colony. A less effective and less expensive option is spot or mound treatment. Spot treatments are best used in conjunction with broadcast applications and will be proposed separately.

Tree Fertilization: Injections and Deep Root Feed

Tree and deep root injections can help in the recovery from fungal and insect infestations. We can treat for all insect and fungal diseases. We can include a nutrient injection and aeration for overall health. All trees will be diagnosed and proposed on an individual basis.

Dormant Oil

Dormant oil applications to trees and shrubs help manage many of our insect and disease problems. It will reduce populations of overwintering scale insects, aphids, mites, mealybugs, adelgids and insect eggs.  The application is done once a year during the dormant season. Many times the Dormant Oil is used in conjunction with other foliar sprays. The material is a very finely refined oil product, with practically no odor, which acts to suffocate the “over wintering” target pest. It is by far one of the safest products used in pest management.


Applying mulch to plant beds is key to maintaining healthy, attractive landscaping. Mulch helps retain moisture, which leads to healthier plants, reduces weed growth, adds nutrients to the soil due to its natural decay.

Automated Natural Insecticide Misting

A professionally installed mosquito misting systems will give you comfort while enjoying your outdoor living space.