Irrigation & Water Conservation

Conserve Water While Keeping Your Landscape Beautiful

Richmond & Associates Landscaping works hard to help you conserve water while keeping your landscape beautiful. We offer uniformed, licensed irrigators to service your needs. Our team is able to design, install, renovate, repair and maintain your lawn sprinkler system. Let us handle your commercial, multifamily, and residential needs to help save water efficiently. Spray

New Technology in Irrigation Controllers for Commercial or Residential

Did you know you can automatically adjust for landscape and weather conditions while conserving water from your phone? You can save more than just water, save time and money too. Do more than just “shut off” your irrigation to save water. Allow us to retrofit your out-of-date system. Keep in mind, traditional irrigation control is wasteful. With today’s improved technologies we can make a real impact on water savings and it allows for easy access and remote operation.

There are many benefits to Smart Controllers. They allow you to reduce outdoor over water usage. Potentially reduce water waste associated with landscape irrigation 25-30%. Soon, many water authorities will mandate these changes. It also allows the plant material to receive the accurate amount of water to maintain it’s health while saving you money on your water bill.

Conventional vs. Smart Controllers

Conventional controllers rely on timing alone which allows over watering and elevated water bills. Smart controllers use factors such as weather, soil moisture, and other conditions to adjust watering schedules to meet the changing moisture requirements of plants. As weather changes, they respond with an updated schedule. It works by the Smart controllers adjusting daily the valve runtime by calculating local weather conditions and plant requirements. You can activate, deactivate or change the schedule from your office or iPhone. which helps with easy access for emergency shut off. If you are interested, we can help in selecting the best system to suit your needs

System Tune-up

We can make a complete impact on the entire system, not just the controller. It is a great idea to retrofit existing systems, adjust for poor design, and install high-uniformity heads. Our teams can adjust misaligned or obstructed heads, broken parts or clogged nozzles, and save you a large amount of water.selectcontractor_lg

Irrigation Preferred Plan

There are many benefits we offer through our Irrigation Preferred Plan. It was designed to help eliminate unnecessary service fees, down time, water waste, and regulate watering of the landscape.  “Richmond” can complete a monthly zone-by-zone inspection on all irrigation controllers throughout the property and submit a detailed report. At that time, we repair/replace existing broken spray heads, nozzles, risers, and set all irrigation controllers at no additional charge. Repairs found outside stated agreement will be submitted for approval to management in the form of a proposal. (I.e. mainlines, valves, wires, controllers, rain and freeze sensors, lateral lines, rotor spray heads, boxes/lids, backflow devices, meters, adjustments and difficult access repairs.)